Airplanes and School

Like most things in life, the skills learned while building an airplane can help other things in life. Recently, the airplane build helped me with math. The assignment was to write a logic chain about anything that the writer could think of. Although this has nothing to do with building a plane, I thought it was funny so I decided to share it with y’all.

If Carter is interested in flying, then he will want to build an airplane. If Carter wants to build an airplane, then he will go to a class to learn different building methods. If Carter goes to a class, then he will find out that he likes fabric airplanes more than metal airplanes. If Carter likes fabric airplanes more than metal airplanes, then he will build a fabric airplane. If Carter builds a fabric airplane, then he will get glue on his clothes. If Carter gets glue on his clothes, then he won’t be fancy. If Carter isn’t fancy, then he won’t get a date. If Carter doesn’t get a date, then his only love will be flying. If Carter’s only love is flying, then he will become a pilot.


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